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GameShark - gaming accessories from gamers for gamers

We know what it is like when the game is absorbing and you spend many hours in front of the computer. The games stayed with us. We have been in them for over 20 years. Unfortunately, during this time we were unable to find a company that would offer a professional gaming setup. One that will primarily increase the comfort of the game and will serve for years, which will be attractive and nice, but minimalist and matching the rest of the room. That's why we decided to make it ourselves.

Gaming accessories that will bring your gameplay to the new lvl

We gathered ideas, strength and resources and created a completely new brand on the gaming market - designed by players for players. Without any fake. This is GameShark - a place where you will find professional furniture and accessories for players. Solid, stable and modern. Made of the best materials and based on the designs of experienced gamers. Minimalistic and elegant. Maximum comfortable and ergonomic to prevent any inconvenience during the game. Tailored to the needs of young and old players, perfect for both basic and advanced gaming setups. With "gameshark" furniture you will play more comfortably, because you will gain a lot of space for all gadgets and full freedom and control of movements. Your body will assume a healthy, safe position that will allow you to have a session lasting even several hours without any pain or discomfort. Someone will accuse you of harming your health by playing? Let him take his gaming position for a while, and he will quickly find out and admit that he has never sat in a more comfortable place.


GameShark computer accessories - Your reliable support

We have been in the gaming industry for over 20 years. We used to play Tony Hawk, Football and Hitman, now we regularly rank up in CS, Call of Duty and explore maps of all versions of Grand Theft Auto. Thousands of hours devoted to the game gave us an experience that you will not find with other producers.

It was this experience that aroused in us a great need for innovation and introduction of solutions ideally suited to our needs - the needs of players. Thanks to it, we know exactly what we want from gaming equipment and we only introduce products to the market that meet these expectations. Without any compromises or concessions. And it just so happens that other gamers like our gaming set. This does not surprise us at all.


In the game, we feel like a fish in water. But the gaming market is an ocean and we are sharks in that ocean!

Possible upgrade - we are open to your suggestions and observations. We are open to all your gaming observations and suggestions regarding our products. We are committed to creating accessories that will help our community focus on winning. What do you think is missing from our offer? Would you like to see a specific gadget in our store? Be sure to let us know about it! In the meantime - take care! And see you in the great gaming ocean.


Contact: shop@gamesharkzone.com

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